The Anchor
The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club
Sun was setting behind me to the west.

The camera is pointing towards the east

Reflection on water is from the clouds

March 29, 2015
Same as above but
with pano mode
Beaver Lake,

February 2020

Please Mark Your Calendars
Feb 5th, 12th, & 19th & 26th Wed, 9am. Breakfast Ad-Hoc meetings at Sam’s Café.
Some of us arrive about 8:30. Please join us. Once in a while we talk business.
Feb 11th Tuesday, 12:00pm. Lunch and shuffleboard at the Holler in Bentonville.
Feb 22nd, Saturday, 5:30pm. Dinner at Levi’s Gastrolounge and Bar in downtown Rogers.
From The President
We had a great group at our first Boat Club event at the Beaver Lake Bistro for the January Jolt. We did the Secret Santa/White
Elephant gift exchange and everyone who participated went home with the best gift! We had two new couples join the Boat Club.
Amy and Joe Fisher joined us for dinner. Monty Little and Tammy Graesser had another commitment and did not make it, but
joined the club. Thanks to Terri and RJ for inviting both couples. Please make sure to welcome them at our next event.

Since February 2020 has an extra day, we are going to have two events during the month. Over the holidays with family, we
discovered the Holler in Bentonville. It is a bar and restaurant built around three sunken shuffleboard courts. I had never played
shuffleboard before, but it was a lot of fun. There is lots of seating for players and participants and you can bring drinks and food
down to the courts. They have a full bar and serve hamburgers and sandwiches. There are also a couple other food options in
the adjoining market. I am hoping we can get some of our members who don’t like to drive at night to join us for this.

February 2020 Events

February 11th—Tuesday, 12:00. Lunch and shuffleboard at the Holler (see above). The restaurant is on the south end of the 8th
Street Market at 8th and J Street in Bentonville. I have courts reserved for 1:00 – 2:00, but come early for lunch. I will need to
know if you are coming by Monday, Feb 10. I will send a reminder.

February 22nd—Saturday, 5:30. Dinner at Levi’s Gastrolounge and Bar, 224 S. Second St, Rogers. Since I know not everyone can
make an event mid-day during the week, we will have another event to celebrate the extra day we have this year. We will be in
their back room by ourselves. Please RSVP to me by Thursday, February 20. I will send a reminder.
Coming Events

Please note the following events. Be looking for details in future newsletters.
Mar – St, Patricks dinner at Moonbroch?
April - Going to the Horse Races Party? Potluck and BYOB.
May – Kirby & Becky Turner’s yearly BBQ. More in the May letter.
DUES—if you have not yet paid your 2020 dues, please mail a check to Ann Duker, 8648 Blue Water Ridge, Rogers, 72756. Dues
are $15 per household. Checks payable to: NWA Boat Club.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Go out of your way to wish the following members a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary this month:
Jill Hampton                      February 1        birthday
Jerry & Linda Elsner        February 2        Anniversary
Sandy Lewis                      February 3        Birthday
Howard Francis                February 4        Birthday
John & Amilda SporlederFebruary 14      Anniversary
Grace Meyer                     February 15      Birthday
Terri Brown                       February 17      Birthday
Marsha David                    February 23      Birthday
R J Neyer                           February 26      Birthday

Becky Turner
50 Riviera Drive
Rogers, AR 72756

Website:  The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club website is: