The Anchor
The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club
Sun was setting behind me to the west.

The camera is pointing towards the east

Reflection on water is from the clouds

March 29, 2015
Same as above but
with pano mode
Beaver Lake,
September  2020


No scheduled Boat Club sponsored events will be put on our calendar.
We understand the fears and concerns!

That said, you all have a current roster and we encourage you to call others who might be in need of a friendly phone call!
There are a few of us that are not adverse to going out socially and will continue to do so. Anyone interested, be sure to contact us in
order to be included. These are not Boat Club sponsored or sanctioned events!

We will keep in touch as things progress. Try not to let these trying times get to you! Have faith and hope!

Things will get better!
The water is warm, the sun is out, and the fish are biting (well maybe)!

Please Mark Your Calendars
Nothing scheduled at this time

From The President
Have you paid your Boat Club dues for this year ($15 per household)? If you haven’t, but still want to be a member, send a check
made out to: NWA Boat Club, to Ann Duker, 8648 Blue Water Ridge, Rogers, 72756.
If you’d like to drop your membership, please send an email to:

The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club website

Nancy Francis
16 Acapulco Drive
Rogers, AR 72756