The Anchor
The Northwest Arkansas Boat Club
Sun was setting behind me to the west.

The camera is pointing towards the east

Reflection on water is from the clouds

March 29, 2015
Beaver Lake
John Sporleder

Ford Tri-Motor was at the
Rogers Municipal Airport

Nicknamed the "Tin Goose"

Built between 1925 and 1933
Total of 199 were built
February - 2021

Holiday Greetings!

Did you get a NWA Boat Club keychain? You can thank Ann Duker and Becky Turner for that! Ann noted that we had money in the Boat Club’s
account and she and Becky proposed sending a little “Christmas gift” to lift our spirits and remind us that we are part of a Boat Club family!
Particularly since COVID19 has put a complete halt to all of activities this year including the Christmas Party. I agreed with the idea and Becky
acquired the gifts and mailed them out. Kudos and thanks to both Ann & Becky! Since Howard and I both got one, I’m considering using them
as earrings (thanks for the idea Joni)!

I know you all wanted a new car, boat, or something, but GET REAL!

Yahoo! A vaccine has been approved and the rollout of shots is underway. I understand that a second vaccine will be approved in a matter of
days as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel! However, for the remainder of this year, and for some time into next year, any and all official
Boat Club sanctioned and organized events are still canceled due to COVID.

At this Season, we encourage all of you to reach out to your fellow Boat Club friends and at least stay connected and in touch to the degree
that you can safely.

On our home front, Howard and I have been running flat out for a while! My mom, Geny, has been living in a park model that we own in
Towerpoint Resort in Mesa, AZ. She actually loves the heat and all that was available to her on her scooter. Of course, COVID put a halt to
most of the fun things she had been participating in. She’s 96 and had been doing really but I was starting to hear things from her and others
that caused me to start looking for an assisted living facility in our area. The last three weeks things went downhill fast - including her getting
food poisoning! She agreed she needed help and I flew out Dec 6th, and got her back here and into an apartment in Providence, an assisted
living facility in Springdale that I like. Howard had to move furniture and get supplies and set up the apartment all by himself while I was in AZ.
She’s there now – in quarantine – for a few more days, but likes the facility, the food, and the people, so I think things will work out!

We will be going out to AZ, one trip to clean out Geny’s stuff and bring it back in her car, and another to stay for a longer period. We haven’t
set any dates or timeframes yet. We want to know that Geny is fully settled before we leave.

I’ve heard it from reliable sources that Bette Smith has sold her home in Bella Vista and has moved to Minnesota to be with one of her
daughters. If we come up with an address for her, we’ll pass it along.

Given our current plans, and the fact that we won’t have all the tools and connectivity we have at home when we are in AZ, this may be our last
newsletter until possibly Spring.

Let’s all remember our blessings this year and maintain hope that we will once again be able to function as a real Boat Club, hug each other,
shake hands, and not have to have a #@$$### mask on!!

Please Mark Your Calendars
Nothing scheduled at this time

From The President
Have you paid your Boat Club dues for this year ($15 per household)? If you haven’t, but still want to be a member, send a check made out to:
NWA Boat Club, to Ann Duker, 8648 Blue Water Ridge, Rogers, 72756.
If you’d like to drop your membership, please send an email to:

Up-Coming Events
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