South and West side of
Quarter Shopping Center
1400 W. Walnut, Rogers, AR

There are no exits to the rear of
the Quarter Shopping Center.
Another reason for needing two
Fire Truck at
Quarter Shopp[ing Center
1400 W. Walnut
It had to come in one entrance
and then had to exit out the other.
Truck is so big it took up four
parking spaces.
The State of Arkansas Highway Department authorized a wider
second entrance into the Quarter Shopping Center because of how
difficult it was for an vehicle to turn into the parking lot when an
vehicle was in the exit lane trying to leave the shopping center.

This was twenty years ago when the traffic was lighter.
This photo of an 18 wheel semi-truck had to use the west side of the parking lot to make a turn to
get to the middle parking place as shown in the photo's below. (notice the tire marks on left photo).
And this when the parking lot was empty. How will delivery trucks get access with a few  extra
customers filling the empty parking places?
While I am taking pictures of the
semi-truck another delivery truck
pulled into the parking lot.

Can you imagine how many
parking spaces the two trucks are

What would happen is more trucks
came in for lunch?
McDonald's has two on
Walnut and one on 9th
New building on Hudson Road (102) and 13th
that has a 60 foot entrance
rather than the 40 foot as required by city code
Aerial view of
Quarter Shopping Center

1400 W. Walnut, Rogers

Two entrances into the
main shopping center.

Plus - one to the east to
enable tenants to get in
the rear doors
Two 45' entrances are needed at the Quarter Shopping Center
1400 W. Walnut, Rogers, AR      
More photo's showing why two entrances are needed
White truck on left could not enter
the Quarter Shopping Center on the
entrance with the white car so he
went to the second entrance that
gave it some extra space for turning  
Sonic has two entrances on
Walnut and one to the rear
East Entrance