Quarter Shopping Center
1400 W. Walnut Ave
Rogers, Arkansas

One of the Rogers Planning Board
members met with one of the City of
Rogers planners and came up with this
design change on the same day as the
Planning Board meeting.

I heard about their change, got a copy
of their design (copy on the left). I was
not very happy as I was not included  in
the meeting.
The drawing shows two entrances being
eliminated in exchange for one 40 foot
entrance in the middle
i.e. six existing  parking spaces are lost

At the City of Rogers Planning  Board
meeting that night I said that I was not
interested in having cars parking along
the front of the shopping center in
exchange for losing parking in the
middle entrance area.
The Rogers Planning Board member
countered with a comment that it was
just a proposal.
The yellow print says "5
parking stalls can be
i.e. the pink lines are the
parking spaces the city
The yellow print
above this box
says "loss of 6
parking stalls
Is that fair to other property owners?
13th and Hudson Road

The new DX liquor store on Hudson Road is allowed two entrances for one tenant.