Is it  fair for the City of Rogers to take away the east entrance of the Quarter Click
here to see photo's of truck's needing access to the rear driveway.
the government before taking the property to eliminate the east entrance.
existing driveway.
How would this truck driver properly maneuver with a full parking lot?

The white van had to get out of way--- first photo on left the van is in the turning
corner and drives out towards the entrance.
Large trucks jamming up the Quarter Shopping Center parking lot,     Click here photo's  showing  
congestion in the parking lot and why two entrances are needed.


Pictures of workers trucks shopping at the Quarter Shopping Center WalnutLargeTrucks.html

Sign Problem at the Quarter -- going to a monument sign   

Signs in Rogers some photos of large signs that are not in the overlay district
Do you think it is fair for the City of Rogers to take away three entrances to the
Quarter Shopping Center and allow just one 35' entrance in the middle?
Click on this to enlarge Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market at 8th & Walnut drawing

Why is it that the new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Walnut and 8th Street in
Rogers gets three entrances on Walnut, two on 8th Street and several on Poplar that
allows fourteen cars to exit with only 201 parking spaces (plus spaces for carts and
handicap)? Why do they get to count extra parking spaces in the neighboring
property to the west?    
The Quarter Shopping Center will get one entrance for two cars but has 93 parking

The new Neighborhood Market has two times the parking lot spaces  compared with
the Quarter Shopping Center i.e. Twelve cars can come and go at one time at
Wal-Mart vs one coming in and one exiting at the Quarter.

Can you even believe this proposal made up by the City of Rogers -
click here