Wolfram - Free Demonstrations - why build new school buildings when you have this
Khanacademy.org/ Over 3,500 u-tube videos
Google Tip -  you can type in a flight number and up comes the flight information - try  aa 2333
Frank and Ernst cartoon
Millard Filmore cartoon
David Axelrod - who is he?               Orchestrated Crisis - ClowardPiven
Hillary Clinton's Wellesley's 91st Commencement, May 31, 1969
Navy USS Gridley DLG-21     
Gridley Equator Crossing - Golden Shellback ceremony on USS Gridley DLG-21
USS Gridley DLG-21 commissioning on May 23, 1963--first time photos
Seattle World's Fair 1963      
Tonkin Gulf-36 yrs ago
US Naval History
Minutes of Meeting held at the White House June 18,1945 -campaign against Japan
Longhand note of President Truman about the meeting
First atomic bomb test date July 16, 1945
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were dropped on August 6 and 9, 1945
Tulsa, OK  
RiverView Apts
Hunt Tower contruction photo's
Beaver Lake info:  TabularLake Level             History of lake level
Benton County:
Benton County Jail - inmate list
Benton County Government
Benton County Real Estate Value's
Walton Family Foundation
Crystal Bridges
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Hammelburg, Germany       Hammelburg2, Germany

Erich Litke,   Rockenberg, Germany
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Investing Mania & Fraud--compare lots of fraud
Jack London-- old glass plate photos plus his books you can read
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Southgate Shopping Center
Tulsa, OK --  RiverView Apartments, Grecian Apartments, Galaxcy Apartments
The world want's results not excuses
Quarter Shopping Center,1400 W. Walnut Ave., Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Northwest Arkansas Boat Club - Beaver Lake

Investing Mania - Learn about how people lose money

Jack London information including his life's credo  Shepard interview

Secretary of State John Kerry Time Line - Kerry served on the USS Gridley
-  Photo's of  DLG Gridley - DLG 21
  More Beaver lake
Pinnacle Golf Photo's

Jamie's Akumal Vacation Rental
John's Stuff:
Skeet Shooting Record in 1958         Old 35mm slides
Mike Criss     currently lives in Austria
National AAU 50 Mile Championship in 1978
John's running races for one year -  1978
More Beaver lake Photo's
This photo is towards the east

Reflection on water
is off the clouds

March 29, 2015
Not bad for August 16
  August 16
Annika Pearl Photography - Support our new photography studio in Suite #118

Queen B's Beauty Mart - New beauty supply business in suite #106

The Phone Fix -- Suite #125     Phone Fix is open -- use the drive up window

Pupuseria - is open for business

Clean Kutz- is open for business - appointment

Quarter Shopping Center - Vacancies    

Vacancy    1400 W. Walnut, Suite #123
Vacancy    1400 W. Walnut, Suite #124

Link to the Quarter Shopping Center layout

Jeff Allen - Realtor's web page showing vacancy  photo's of the Quarter

2019 NWA LPGA photos at Pinnacle
Queen B Mart
Queen B Mart
Queen B Mart